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The Suit Man Tactical Suit is a premium, custom special suit for detectives and anyone employed in tactical, law enforcement and security agencies. The idea of this stunning piece is to help detectives stay in style while keeping the normal everyday equipment hidden into a fashionable piece of wardrobe.  Thousands of these suits were sold to law enforcement, detectives, and private security guards.

Dressed for a Meeting, Ready for Mayhem” – as seen in The New York Times
'Suit Man' keeps cops in style with custom-made suits for NYPD detectives, law enforcement officers” - as seen in the Daily News New York.
Dress to arrest” – as seen in GSN Magazine.

Easy Access to Weapons

Professionally and carefully crafted by experienced designers the special suits have side vents and back slits that allow easy access to weapons. With smart design, there is room as well for the radio, badge, handcuffs and gun. The suit is a result of years of researching and specialization in law enforcement apparel.

Custom Fit - Comfortable Wear

The nature of the law enforcement, detective and security job is difficult. The suit comprehends that and is comfortable to wear giving you the needed support if unexpected things happen. The comfortable wear is guaranteed with the custom fit. Additionally, the suit hides the appearance of guns and handcuffs.

Keeps A Highly Professional Look

Detectives and law enforcement officers are faced with difficult situations every day. Injuries, robberies, homicides are all a part of the job. Additionally, they also may be in public front lines, notifying families of the death of their close ones or even interviewing victims or murderers. The Suit Man Tactical Suit keeps the professional look that is needed while giving detectives ability to store all the needed equipment along the way. It’s ideal for dangerous undercover work too, since the equipment will be hidden and safely stored.

Long-Term Solution

The suit is durable and a long-term solution for anyone. With the extra layer of fabric from the knees down, be sure that you can wear the suit for years before wearing off. It will surely stay fashionable for more than a decade with its contemporary design.

4 Colors, 2 fabric options

The Suit Man Tactical Suit is versatile. It can fit your style, fashion sense, but also the nature of your job and business. No matter if you pick black, navy blue, charcoal, and gray, the suit will look professional for law enforcement and security. Additionally, you may pick from two fabric options: 100% wool and Silk Blend (Tri-Blend).

Own a piece of suit art, complemented with a great functionality, specially crafted in line with your ordinary routine duties.
Look and feel amazing, while doing your hard and challenging law enforcement, detective and security duties!
Get your own custom Suit Man Tactical Suit. 
Color Gray
Style Tactical Cut
Fabric Silk Blend or 100% Wool
Pants Waist Size Suit size minus 6"

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