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Over sixteen years ago, Stewart Altschuler became known as the SuitMan to all detectives, security agencies, & casinos throughout the United States when he developed a suit that was both tactical and fashionable. 

This is how it all started…


I was walking down the street when I noticed some detectives in pursuit of arresting an armed robbery suspect. This wasn't from one of those crime series you see every day, this was real. I was scared for the detectives' lives, and here's why…

The detective's weapons were visible and their suits constricted them from moving efficiently, hindering their capabilities and time to properly protect themselves and apprehend the suspect.
Our law enforcement protect and serve our communities every day. The typical suits worn by them leave them in a more vulnerable state. In that moment, I came up with the idea of a tactical dress suit. As a martial artist myself, I visualized that exact scenario yet this time the detective's suit allowed them to move freely and conceal their weapon in a more secure manner. My vision grew into a brand that now serves all Law Enforcement throughout the United States & internationally. Since then our company has grown exponentially serving security agencies & countless professionals throughout the world. We personally take every measure to satisfy our consumers with our one-of-a-kind garments.

Our brand has proudly been recognized for being a game-changer in the suit industry. Our suits are uniquely designed with flexibility in mind for all functional movement. The use of lightweight fabrics keeps them comfortable, while our design gives them a more effective and safe way to draw their weapon, conceal and carry. Our tactical dress suit jacket is multifunctional with side vents that allow for easy access, storage, & concealment for one’s essential equipment necessary on the job. In addition, we have added four-suit pockets to hide a radio, badge, handcuffs & gun, or whatever equipment is needed. The jacket is accompanied by flat front pants built intricately with your profession in mind. 

My focus has always been to make high-quality, fashionable suits perfect for the man or woman on the go and cut for the professional who needs to conceal. Every person needs a suit that meets the demands of their lifestyle!

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