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"The New York Times" Scrutiny of Incoming Police Commissioner Begins. With His Suits.

AUG. 5, 2016

Chief James P. O’Neill could take fashion cues from his two predecessors:


"The New York Times"
Dressed for a Meeting, Ready for Mayhem

MAY 4, 2008

They also rely on Stewart H. Altschuler, known by detectives as the “Suit Man,” for advice. Most of his clients are detectives, and as a visit to his Midtown office suggests, his is no ordinary suit business.


"Spotter Up" Suit Man Tactical Suits for Law Enforcement, Executive Protection or Concealed Carry

JAN. 1, 2018

In the PSD world, your suit is considered part of your gear. Looking good and professional is key for business, but if you add comfort and durability, then you not only look good but you’re ready for battle. Having worn suits during Protective Details this suit from the Suit Man Tactical Suits is one of the most tactically functional and fitted suits for everyday use.


"Recoil" (Fire) Power Suits

MAY 7, 2019

The image of the dapper shootist has been hard-etched into firearms pop culture. From the well-dressed lead slingers of the old west to high-fashion gunfighters like James Bond and John Wick.


"Independent Security Advisors" Clothing for Executive Protection Specialists

MARCH 21, 2018

Executive protection agents spend a great deal of time in a suit. Hours in the hot sun, in the bitter cold, standing in hallways and on the move. And agents need to look the part with a properly tailored suit that covers the equipment on their belt but allows for quick access.


"Daily News" 'Suit Man' keeps cops in style with custom-made suits for NYPD detectives, law enforcement officers

SEPT. 20, 2010

When he was growing up in Brooklyn, everyone called him Stew - but these days, he's simply known as Suit Man. The Bensonhurst-born pitchman travels from precinct to precinct, hawking customized suits to fashion-conscious NYPD detectives.

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