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From an idea to a brand; we continue to serve thousands of detectives, FBI agents, secret service, and other agencies alike. SuitMan USA developed from a unique vision by Stewart Altschuler to create a tactical and professional suit that could be worn by various professionals in need of a game-changing suit. Since then our focus has been dedicated to designing high-quality, tactical, fashionable suits for the man on the go.



Our mission is to craft a suit that allows movement without hesitation while maintaining a professional persona. If you work in a field that requires you to be on guard, take charge and react at any given second we want to make sure that your attire matches your lifestyle.


The man known to all Law Enforcement as the Suitman, Stewart Altschuler has combined his passion for martial arts and experience with suits into the one and only tactical dress suit. As the brand grew over the years, these suits are worn by casino personnel, government officials, executive protection, and all who wanted a more flexible, yet functional, and fashionable piece of attire. The vision is to keep the aesthetics of a professional suit while building it with the versatility to move tactically and freely. It is designed with comfort, durability, and flexibility for the strategic man or woman on the go. One of our most essential and unique features is the ability to conceal one’s equipment more securely. “If I can increase the chance of an individual going home safely even by 1%, when responding to spontaneous threats, then I’ve done my job.” 

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