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The SuitMan Tactical Suit is a custom special suit for detectives and anyone employed in tactical, Law Enforcement and security agencies. Our Suits are uniquely designed to help to detectives stay in style while keeping the normal everyday equipment hidden into a fashionable piece of wardrobe. Thousands of these suits were sold to Law Enforcement, detectives, and private security guards.


- “Dressed for a Meeting, Ready for Mayhem” – as seen in The New York Times


- “SuitMan keeps cops in style with custom-made suits for NYPD detectives, law enforcement officers” - as seen in the Daily News New York.


- “Dress to arrest” – as seen in GSN Magazine.


Product Info

  • Our suits are cut to conceal for your protection, side vent pockets are created to conceal your weapon in a more secure manner.
  • Flexible and cut for quick reaction.
  • Breathable material.
  • Four inside pockets for utility needs.



  • Wider waistband on the pants cater to all sizes for utility belts.
  • Waist band is double reinforced.
  • Lining down to the knee; Cut with self defense execution in mind.
  • Bottom of the pants cut to cover an ankle holster.


Color: Black

Easy Access to Weapons

Professionally and carefully crafted by experienced designers. These special suits have side vents that allow easy access to weapons. Engineered, with purpose these suits are designed with ample room for all essential work equipment.


Custom Fit - Comfortable Wear

Built with aesthetics in mind, our tactical innovation is diverse in its features. Built with flexibility it meets the demand of a rigorous work day. This suit will not only match your intensity but will keep you looking like the ultimate professional.


Long-Term Solution

This suit is durable and constructed to last. Our suits are fashionable and timeless, where one suit will never be enough. 


4 Colors, 2 Fabric Options

The SuitMan Tactical Suit is versatile. It will suit your style, fashion sense, but also the nature of your job and business needs. Whether you pick black, navy, charcoal, or grey, our suits guarantee a tactical fit and a professional look. You may pick from two fabric options: Silk Tri-Blend or, %100 Wool


Get your own custom SuitMan Tactical Suit. 

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