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The Rise of Tactical Suits & Why You Need One

Updated: May 3, 2021

For several law enforcement agencies, security officers, and intelligent agencies, the need to dress well is as critical as the job itself. Tactical suits are as vital for the job as the preparation for engagement, making them essential for security operatives.

Traditional business/professional suits are not designed to provide easy access to communication units or sidearms, nor do they support combat or running. Tactical suits have the style and formal look of traditional suits. Yet, they discretely conceal several key adaptations that have been developed to serve combat purposes and give security operatives maximum potential.

Who Needs A Tactical Suit?

Undercover security operatives, intelligence agents, detectives and anyone employed in tactical, law enforcement and security agencies should always be in a tactical suit. It combines a formal dress sense with adequate combat preparedness. Almost every formal event will require security operatives to hold sidearms and communication devices. Exposing these essential forms of equipment leaves them in a vulnerable state.

Most high-ranking officers usually wear formal clothing to public events and offices, but they are always ready to get called up for emergencies. In times like this, there is little to no time to get prepared. Therefore, tactical suits are essential for these officers as they will always keep them ready for these emergencies.

Key Tactical Suit Features

The innovative design of a tactical suit makes it virtually identical to every other type of custom suit from the exterior. However, tactical suits stand out based on their design right from the start to offer unique performance.

Our proprietary design includes:

  • Our tactical dress suit jacket which is multifunctional with side vents that allow for easy access, storage, & concealment.

  • Four added suit pockets to hide a radio, badge, handcuffs & gun, or any additional equipment which may be needed.

  • Flat front pants that are cut to help keep them from unraveling under demanding use.

  • Tactical dress suit jacket and pants include an extra layer of fabric from the knees down: We believe in comfort. That's why we decided to make sure our suit offers every comfort your employee needs to carry out their job effectively.

  • Option to pick from different colors and materials: You get to make your choice. No matter the color or material you want, we assure you that you will get the very best from us. Our team is always ready to advise on what we believe to be the best material or color that most appropriately suits your business type.

Materials used in Tactical Suit

Standard suits are usually inflexible, non-breathable, and offer discomfort in cold or hot environments. Following this line will be foul for tactical suits as every part of a tactical suit must allow optimal performance.

Tactical suits often use similar materials used for athletic clothing, made with stretchy synthetic materials. This allows for continuous body movement while retaining comfort and agility. Tactical suits ensure that the back panel is stretched enough to allow you to stand squarely to act defensively or offensively in a stable isosceles form.

Breathability is also essential for tactical suits. The makers emphasize moisture wicking as well so that the wearer is not left profusely sweating while on duty.

Tactical suit materials are also protective, utilizing rip-resistant materials that hold switchblades and small knives.

What does the SuitMan tactical suit offer?

SuitMan suits are tailored and used by thousands of employees in the city, state, federal government, and elite security around the United States. Designed to allow you to move freely, draw weapons smoothly, and defend yourself when necessary. SuitMan specifically designed law enforcement garments that address the delicate job, lifestyle, and customer needs while contributing fashion and comfort. Our key features include:

  • Strong waistbands and a dedicated holster attachment.

  • Holster positioning: set so that the sidearm grip becomes easy to grab.

  • Adaptable pockets: Standard suits usually have mostly useless pockets, either difficult to access or poorly organized. In tactical suits, you get more pocket options, and they are easily accessible. You will find pockets in the inner lining of tactical suits, where you can keep radio units and store other items, as well as sensitive information.

  • Pocket placement: pants pockets are moved forward to the waist side so that the sidearm holster doesn't cover them. Some tactical suits come with protective pockets like the RFID-blocking pockets that make it impossible for anyone to scan your ID card. There are also pockets located on the waistbands in some cases and in the collar that helps you store small sensitive items.

What you should expect from SuitMan

  • A proven custom-cut tactical dress suit design: A suit that's perfect for your kind of industry, one that will assist your staff in protecting themselves and others from any hazard.

  • Long-term usage, fashionable looks, and quality: Our suits are stylish and do not wear off. From the moment you order, our suits stay fitting and can be used for a very long time.

  • Close to the body inside pockets to hide the radio, badge, handcuffs, and gun: We designed inside pockets in the suits to help conceal any weapons or other tools used by your staff.

SuitMan suits are versatile and offer excellent options while preserving the needed professional look. We have delivered our suits to security agencies, law enforcement agencies like the FBI and secret service, hotels and casinos (our largest accounts), and so many more.

Why not include yourself amongst the elite and protect yourself with a SuitMan tactical suit?

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